Filming in Ecuador for Intel

Intel For Change is an amazing new initiative focussing on the barriers to girls’ education around the globe. Intel chose three students to travel to India, Kenya, and Ecuador to learn about breakthroughs and challenges. Our friends at Already Alive asked if I’d lead the team heading to rural Ecuador. The mission: to make ten short films, finding people along the way to share their stories about community, education, and what it’s like to be a girl in school in Ecuador.  

We spent almost two weeks in the Chimborazo province, about 150 miles south of Quito. The mountains are patched with crops. Corn and quinoa grows everywhere. Colossal clouds come and go. The area is about 11,000 feet up, and the light is unlike anywhere I’ve ever filmed. The name of the region comes from the enormous Chimborazo volcano. We filmed at a tiny school made of hay and rock that was near the foggy top. The children we spoke to were tiny and hard-working and deeply shy. We were told that many of the people we met had probably never seen a camera.

The videos will come out in September, and can all be seen here at Here are some pictures from production, and the trailer for the series.


 Soren Nielsen
 Jacob Krupnick, Soren Nielsen, and Luke Tilghman at the Girls Club in San Miguel