Project Overview:

Live In Manila is a short film being produced in Manila and New York in 2017. The film revolves around a retired accountant named Doug and his transition to a successful music career in Manila. The film documents the behind-the-scenes process of creating the largest concert of his career. Live in Manila is a combination of documentary and fiction. We are working with real people, including Doug, his co-workers, and his family.

We need to cast for a principal character who becomes a source of artistic inspiration to Doug. A guide, a friend and a muse.


Character Overview:

AGE: 18-28 years old

GENDER: Performer should identify as a male or gender fluid but be comfortable performing onscreen / in public as male or female

LANGUAGE: Accents are okay. Performer should speak some English but does not have to be fluent

DESCRIPTION: We would like to find a drag performer who plays with altering their identity particularly with the use of fashion, make-up and music. We are interested in the transformation that the performer makes before they go onstage. We would like to identify a performer who would allow us to use real biographical elements from their life, from growing up in the Philippines to becoming a performer in Manila. We will ask about their performance philosophy and the artists who have inspired them. We would prefer to use the talent’s real name – both their birth name and their drag name. We would like to feature the talent’s personal costumes and wardrobe. If the talent would like their friends and family to be included, we would be interested in discussing. If not, that's fine.


Business Overview:

CASTING: One on-camera casting will take place in Manila. Performers who are not available for the casting will be invited to submit video. Callbacks with the director will take place via Skype.

SHOOT SCHEDULE: Four to Five shoot days spread between Feb. 17th and March 4th

PREP/REHEARSALS: Skype calls in January/February with Director and Producer leading up to shoot

WARDROBE: A stipend will be provided for talent’s hair/wardrobe options.  

USE: Day Rate covers all worldwide uses associated with release of “Live in Manila” including but not limited to web use and film festival.

NOTE: If required, the performer may be flown to New York for additional shooting and must be willing to secure a valid passport and visa.


Jacob Krupnick