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Dove is a dance music video about desire and betrayal shot throughout the alleys and markets of Bogotá, Colombia. The story begins as our hero realizes her lover has left -- and stolen her prize bird. With a seductive soundtrack by Pillar Point and featuring the sensational moves of Voguing artist Kia Labeija, what follows is an adventure through the city told through music and dance.

The director, Jacob Krupnick, is behind several other immersive dance films -- including the epic feature-length Girl Walk // All Day (2012) which was an early Kickstarter success that went on to screen at over 30 film festivals around the world. In addition to hundreds of interactive screenings in public space, Girl Walk is considered to be the inspiration for Pharrell’s 24 Hours of Happy. Working with public space and natural light, the team sets out to tell stories that unfold amidst the every day life of the city.

From the director:

Last summer, my friend Scott (who records dance music under the name Pillar Point) shared an advance copy of his forthcoming record Marble Mouth. “Dove” jumped right out at me -- the basic dance beat peppered with little quirks and funky percussion reminded me of the Talking Heads in the best possible way. it’s juicy, it’s sexy, and yet there’s a sense of underlying melancholy that I find really seductive (it’s a song about being away from your lover, and sensing things go awry). I immediately started imagining what kind of story the song could be the backbone for.

Around the same time, I met the artist Kia Labeija -- a major player in the ballroom community here in New York and member of the Iconic House of Labeija. Kia’s only 25, but she’s considered a historian of the art form. She’s also slays it in competition: She’s won nearly all the balls she’s walked in the last several years -- and she only walks the big ones. 

Voguing is inspired by fashion magazines, and part of what makes it thrilling to watch is that people unfamiliar with the style can decode what the performer is feeling. I was surprised that almost all the examples of Vogue dance I found online were competition videos or fashion spots that rarely give the. By working closely with Kia to develop her character, we set out to articulate a story using her fierce gaze, her physical intensity -- and without using any words. Kia's performance includes all 5 elements of the 'old way' - catwalks, duck walks, hand performance, floor performance and dips, making this a rare showcase of the art form.

Having worked a great deal in public spaces in the US, I was interested in working in a new city. We drew heavily on my producer, Victoria's travels while considering different cities. In the end, we chose her childhood home: Bogotá. This hillside city with wild streets, ever-changing light, and a dense fruit market give the film its magical-realist wonder.

About the collaborators:


Pillar Point is Seattle-based musician Scott Reitherman’s post-punk dance-music outfit, part Talking Heads, part LCD Soundsystem. For his sophomore album, he spent several months living in New Orleans and Athens, GA to work with Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes. The result is Marble Mouth -- an intimate collection of thickly-sauced dance tracks featuring musical help from members of Washed Out, Deerhunter, and Kishi Bashi. 


Wild Combination
 is the filmmaking team behind Girl Walk // All Day, the dance music video of epic proportions set to Girl Talk’s entire album, All Day. Launched in the early days of Kickstarter, Girl Walk was a runaway success, earning tremendous press and screening at over 40 film festivals around the world. The film has been shared at hundreds of interactive screenings and dance parties around the world, and is largely considered to be the inspiration for Pharrell’s 24 Hours of Happy.


Kia Labeija is a daughter of the Iconic House of Labeija. Artist and activist, she uses voguing as an artistic and community-based practice. Her unique style of voguing incorporates elements of The Old way, The New way, and a generous dose of Vogue Femme. In Dove, Kia Labeija uses the art of performance to bring the dove to life, searching for her lover, who stole her heart as well as her bird. Kia's performance includes the 5 elements of the Vogue - catwalks, duck walks, hand performance, floor performance and dips. 


For more info, contact: jacob@wildcombination.com