Music by

Pillar Point

Dove is a dance music video about desire and betrayal shot throughout the alleys and markets of Bogotá, Colombia. The story begins as our hero realizes her lover has left -- and stolen her prize bird. We took Pillar Point's seductive soundtrack as inspiration and worked with the sensational Vogue artist Kia Labeija to bring the story to life. 

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Dove: Kia Labeija
Bird Thief: Taina Larot

Director + Producer: Jacob Krupnick
DP: Soren Nielsen
Additional Operator: Luke Taylor
AC: Carlos Torres
AD + Line Producer: Victoria Rivera
Editor: Jacob Krupnick
Colorist: Stormcrow
Stylist + Wardrobe Design: E'KW=L
Hair: Daniel Obed Taveras
Title Design: Jen Mussari
BTS Photography: Josefina Santos