Wild Combination

Pen American Center: First Editions, Second Thoughts


PEN American Center

Directed + Produced by

Wild Combination

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The Books

PEN America asked 75 of the most highly regarded writers and artists alive today (amongst them: Phillip Roth; Toni Morrison, Marina Abramovic, Richard Serra) to annotate first editions of their most significant works. In December, 2014, the books were shared with the public and auctioned to support PEN.

Wild Combination was tasked to make a film describing the auction. Each of the books was inscribed with extensive personal letters, re-examinations, personal essays, drawings, and defacements by their respective authors

Some are filled with polaroids, early drafts, tales of rejection and insight and loss. The books themselves are fascinating objects -- the ultimate in behind-the-scenes, one-of-a-kind artifacts.

In Paul Auster's words: "PEN is the only human rights organization defending writers."  We were thrilled to be part of this commemoration of 1st editions, and extra delighted that one of our favorite musical outfits, The Books, gave us permission to use their music in this video. 

This video, and peeks inside the books were published in the T Style Magazine in November 2014.