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I See You

I See You

Filmmaking brings us in contact with problems of diversity and inclusion constantly: image-making and storytelling are unavoidably about representation. It struck a chord when we came across an essay by Libby Nicholaou about why she was starting a new kind of yoga organization.

When you look at yoga fashion brands, publications, festivals and marketing they often highlight one specific body type — the thin, white female body. If you only looked at mainstream narratives of yoga, you would think that this is the person who makes up the yoga world.

Setu was born out of this observation. An inclusive yoga community where practitioners of different nationalities, races, gender identities, body types, and life stories are welcomed and respected, Setu is a resource for anyone who has ever wanted to find a teacher who might look like, sound like, or feel like a little more like them.

Director + Producer: Jacob Krupnick
DP: Ryan Marie Helfant
Casting & Concepting: Libby Nicholaou
Line Producer: Taylor Antisdel
1st AC: Evan Walsh
2nd AC / Loader: Sachi Bahra
Key Grip: Balz Biellman
Gaffer: Sergio Fernandez
Sound Mixer: Alan Kudan
Production Assistants: Lei Nico & Juan Daniel Torres
Editor & Composer & Sound Design: Daniel Boventer
Colorist: Kath Raisch