Style References

I love the blend of live-action and jump-cutty stop motion here. The acceleration really helps make mundane activities exciting. I can imagine swapping her narrative out for a scripted brand voice and having the piece feel fun, lively, and appealing (As parents... we're all operating close to warp speed.).

I think this piece does a terrific job at showing ingredients being transformed. I'd be excited to take some cues from this. 

While extremely accelerated, I like the use of this technique to follow a kid's feet around the house to show off their pace.

Friends + collaborators made this piece. Some very elegant use of of shapes, sounds, and graphics. The portraits are great, but I'm thinking especially of the titles with bouncing fonts and other graphical treatments. (note: this is a 6-month, gazillion-hour project).

OUR work with families and kids

We've done a ton of work with kids, though it's often in a documentary / studio commercial context. Here are two things that feel most relevant.

We shot & produced this series of 7 branded films with Fatherly & Lysol about the unexpected messes kids make while... being kids. Edit & music not on us.

The third location (a clean, modern apartment with a Korean family; nice bookcase against a purple wall) could be great for us to shoot in. It's not a large apartment, but I think we could hide that and focus on the living room, kitchen, and a bedroom.

Young Explorers is a series I've been working on that follows kids who've just learned to walk on self-guided adventures around the city. 
The project is unfolding at