Wild Combination


"Make A Splash"


Hi there!
Building on the short films we made for the Element Color Plus, we'd love to take the idea of color love even further. The product is so ripe with potential for fun, engaging, short-form video content. Here's an idea we keep returning to + would be thrilled to bring to life.

"Make A Splash" is all about people whose color obsession is next level. Taking visual inspiration from classic 90s music videos, the look is juicy and maximalist. The setting is a simply lit studio (either all white, or dark with a exciting array of tube-lights) that places attention squarely on the talent: color-loving individuals flexing dance moves before the camera. 

The cast is anything but homogenous: a teenage tumbler who is decked from head-to-toe in ultramarine, a charismatic Burning-Man type with a thing for green accessories, a Sri Lankan mom fully entrenched in marigold, a grandma with a fuchsia fetish. Their color choice and movement make a statement about their identity. The result is outrageously fun and (re)watchable.

The length of this could vary -- but I see these pieces cut into short, social, shareable segments. At the end, we cut to a white screen, where the Element Color Plus continues to shift color in time to beats in the soundtrack.

Visual inspiration: